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Manufacturing process of reagent filling equipment
Browse:2364 Time:2021-08-11
Process flow of reagent filling machine: bottle management, filling, capping, labeling, coding, etc. Syrup metering of reagent filling machine is a kind of packaging equipment. Small filling machine is suitable for small batch production in hospital preparation room, pharmaceutical factory, veterinary drug factory, beverage factory, daily chemical factory, laboratory and large and medium-sized enterprises. Filling: eyedrops, vials, various oral liquids, reagents, edible oil, honey, shampoo, chemical products, veterinary drugs, pesticides, etc.

The reagent filling machine is mainly composed of bottle feeding part, transmission part, filling part, swing part, capping mechanism, box body, capping mechanism, etc. It is suitable for batch production of biochemical medicine bottles, reagent solutions and other products that need to be sealed in large and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories. It has the function of automatic capping.

Dynamic reagent filling capping machine adopts peristaltic pump for filling, with high filling precision; The structure of the pump adopts quick connection and disassembly mechanism, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection. 2. Siemens PLC control system, color touch screen display. 3. Small liquid filling and tamping machine has the function of no filling without bottle and automatic counting. 4. The filling needle is equipped with an anti drip device. 5. During filling, the filling head sneaks into the bottle bottom and rises slowly, which can effectively prevent bubbles.

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