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Recruitment information
Due to the development needs of the company, we are looking for the following professionals:

一、Mechanical Design Engineer
Requirements: college degree or above, major in mechanical design, experience in non-standard automation equipment development, and be able to use proe and solidwrks drawing.

二、Equipment assembly engineer
Requirements: college degree or above;
Understand mechanical structure, electrical layout and fitter skills, and be able to complete equipment assembly according to drawings. Experience is preferred.

三、Sales Engineer
Requirements: college degree or above, more than two years of automation equipment sales experience, customer resources are preferred.

Once the above positions are applied for, the treatment is preferred. Interested parties can send resumes to our company: linghang_ We will inform the interview by telephone. thank you!

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Contact: Mr. Zhang Mobile: 13823607417 Tel: 0755-85269005 Fax: 0755-85273063

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