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Company profile

Shenzhen pilot Intelligent Manufacturing Automation Co., Ltd. specializes in the R & D and application of automation products. The company has a group of professional and technical talents with many years of experience in automation design and practical application. It is an innovative high-tech enterprise with integrated supporting capacity of R & D, production, sales and service. With strong technical strength and perfect customer service system, the company maintains long-term cooperation with customers with the enterprise spirit of honest operation and service first. Through continuous efforts and innovation, we have made outstanding achievements in the fields of high-end intelligent equipment, intelligent production line, CCD visual inspection equipment, automatic test equipment, intelligent robot application, non-standard automatic customization and so on. The products are widely used in the production of medical devices and consumables, drug processing, electronic manufacturing, education and training, military manufacturing and other industries, involving many fields such as industrial production and civil use, and have a wide market prospect. All colleagues of the company, with professional, innovative, efficient and practical professionalism, serve China's real economy and contribute youth and passion to the upgrading of traditional industries and intelligent manufacturing.

Operating products
Medical test paper production automation equipment
Medical reagent production and filling equipment
Automatic production equipment for medical devices and consumables
Automatic equipment for drug sorting and packaging
Robot education and training platform and equipment
CCD visual inspection equipment
Intelligent manufacturing production line customization
Intelligent equipment software development

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Contact: Mr. Zhang Mobile: 13823607417 Tel: 0755-85269005 Fax: 0755-85273063

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