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How to choose household medical devices
Browse:2211 Time:2021-08-12
What are the main household medical devices:

Medical devices that can be used for "household use" must also have a medical device product registration certificate. The common ones are far infrared therapeutic instrument, magnetic therapeutic instrument, physiotherapeutic instrument, medium frequency therapeutic instrument, etc.

Household testing equipment

Sphygmomanometer, blood glucose meter, electronic thermometer, stethoscope, etc

Home medical rehabilitation equipment

Household oxygen generator, cervical and lumbar traction device, anti pressure sore mattress, orthosis, etc.

How to properly store and maintain medical devices:

Generally speaking, the instructions of medical devices indicate the storage, maintenance and care methods of products, and there are also special instructions for medical devices with special storage conditions or methods. As long as you follow the instructions, you can properly keep and maintain the medical devices.

In addition, the following problems should be paid attention to when storing medical devices at home:

1. Medical devices with service life shall be used within the validity period.

2. Pay attention to whether the package is sterile. For medical devices with aseptic packaging, special attention shall be paid not to damage the packaging. If the package is damaged, do not use it again.

3. Do not reuse disposable instruments.

How to purchase household medical devices when selecting household medical devices, they should be purchased and used under the guidance of doctors. Medical devices are used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Before purchase, the opinions of doctors shall be listened to and used under the guidance of doctors. Doctors should regularly evaluate the use effect and check adverse reactions to prevent misuse from endangering health. Before purchasing medical devices, please carefully read the product manual, ask the salesperson or doctor, clarify the action mechanism, scope of application, use method, precautions and contraindications of the product, and choose to purchase and use according to the manual.

What should be paid attention to when purchasing household medical equipment:

1、 It is to check whether the operators are qualified: purchase from regular pharmacies or medical device operating companies, check whether they have legal qualifications such as medical device operating enterprise license (or filing certificate), and whether the after-sales service is guaranteed.

2、 Yes, check the product qualification: the medical device product shall have the medical device product registration certificate (or filing certificate), and the medical device production license can be logged on the national website. Whether the FDA should distinguish the true from the false. Query click medical devices in the data query column and enter the registration number or product name to query products from all over the country. There are some common products that will confuse the public's therapeutic effects, such as height enhancers and weight loss devices, daily fitness equipment, and some clothes, hats, shoes, socks, bracelets, earrings and other non-medical equipment with health care functions.

3、 Is to obtain invoices: consumers must obtain purchase invoices when purchasing medical devices. Official invoices are proof of purchase and are very useful in product warranty and quality complaints. Some people engaged in illegal sales often don't have official invoices, so don't try to save trouble and get cheap.

If you need to distinguish between true and false, you can log in to the website of the State Drug Administration. Click the medical device in the data query column and enter the registration number or product name to query the products from all over the country.

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