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Planning and implementation of educational training base
Browse:1506 Time:2021-07-08

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the extensive implementation of industrial upgrading and intelligent manufacturing, the planning and implementation of educational training base has improved the quality of workers and trained a large number of high-quality professional and technical talents to meet the needs of the times. It is a trend that China's education will develop in serving the society and facing the future. It is urgent to strengthen the cultivation of students' practical ability and vocational skills in comprehensive colleges and vocational colleges, attach great importance to the teaching of practice and training, strengthen the planning and construction of vocational education training bases, and gradually build a number of vocational education training bases with complete professional categories, high equipment level and complete resource sharing.

Shenzhen pilot Intelligent Manufacturing Automation Co., Ltd. has carried out in-depth cooperation with the R & D team of the school of engineering and design of Hunan Normal University, adhering to the planning concept of "professionalism, innovation, practicality and guidance", adopting the design concept of modularization, high simulation and teaching interaction, combining teaching and Practice, and helping the planning and construction of a number of high standards High quality and cost-effective professional education, teaching and training base.

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