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What are the advantages and disadvantages of CCD visual inspection equipment
Browse:2027 Time:2021-08-13

Advantages of CCD visual inspection:

CCD appearance detection uses CCD camera and appearance detection system to automatically detect products. Compared with manual detection, it has many obvious advantages!

1. The detection accuracy is high and the detection efficiency is high. The CCD visual detection equipment adopts machine vision technology and detects images based on CCD industrial camera. According to the system control, the error is small and the detection efficiency is high, which can exceed 400-1200 per minute. Some small parts may exceed thousands or more than 100000.

2. High quantum power, which is a great advantage. The average quantum power of CCD visual inspection is 30% ~ 50%, and the larger quantum power is 90%, about 100 times that of ordinary film.

3. It can save labor cost and allow you to perform highly repetitive tasks. CCD vision detection can run stably for a long time. It is difficult for human eyes to observe the same object for a long time. Machine vision can perform measurement, analysis and recognition tasks for a long time. However, manual detection is prone to false detection and false alarm. Visual detection equipment can perform the daily detection tasks of multiple employees, which is not easy to interrupt, do not get sick, do not need rest, and can continue to work with high flexibility to meet the requirements of the natural environment of the application. It has low price and saves the product cost. Productivity has also increased significantly.

Unstable factors of CCD visual inspection equipment: industrial camera

For CCD visual inspection equipment, the key factors for selecting industrial camera are sensor type, pixel and frame number. The controller is divided into CCD and CMOS. The processing speed of CMOS optical lens is high. The distance between the component and the power supply circuit is very long and close, which has serious impact and high imaging noise. Compared with CMOS camera, CCD controller camera has high sensitivity, low noise and fast response time. In terms of stability, CCD camera is also more resistant to impact and vibration. Generally speaking, CCD controller camera is better than CCD camera in image quality and stability.

Another key factor affecting the imaging quality of the camera is the wide-angle lens of the camera. In addition to the main parameters such as lens focal length, wide-angle lens must be selected according to the actual situation. A key factor affecting the accuracy of network detection is image quality. Geometric distortion cannot be eliminated and can only be filled. Although many industrial cameras use various methods to compensate the distortion caused by wide-angle lens distortion, in the high-precision detection industry, geometric graphics will still affect the detection accuracy.

Unstable factors of CCD visual inspection equipment: light source

Light source has the characteristics and disadvantages of increasing the image and reducing the confusion and effect of background image, which directly affects the quality of input data information. Because there is no general lighting, the design of light source has always been a difficult problem in machine vision technology. The selection of light source type for each special application case also needs to be weighed according to the installation mode of light source in the actual natural environment and the direct illumination mode of light source, so as to surpass the best practical effect.

The stability of different types of light sources is different. The common light sources include ring light, strip light, surface light, backlight, coaxial light, bowl light, etc. Therefore, the selection of light sources is also an unstable factor affecting CCD visual detection equipment.

Unstable factors of CCD visual inspection equipment: Machine Vision Software

There is no doubt that the stability of machine vision software has an impact on machine vision technology. Finally, the visual recognition system will use the computer on the computer to select a purposeful optimization algorithm for a series of image processing, such as image filtering, edge detection, edge acquisition and so on. Image processing and analysis methods, as well as their different inspection methods and calculation methods, will produce different deviations. The quality of the optimization algorithm determines the measurement accuracy.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose appropriate machine vision software to avoid CCD. The accuracy of visual inspection equipment becomes low, and the visual software system: simple and easy to operate, without image professional knowledge and on-site code writing, to meet various visual needs. Geometric positioning, measurement, detection and recognition support dynamic loading and deletion of image tools, multiple cameras and multiple workstations, multi-function, parallel processing, high speed, and more than 100 self created algorithms support customization, Provide secondary development package to meet different customer needs, support multi brand cameras and mainstream PLC / robot docking.

Unstable factors of CCD visual inspection equipment: environmental factors

The accurate measurement of visual recognition system in the working natural environment includes temperature, sunlight, switching power supply change, dust, environmental humidity and interference signal. A good natural environment is the guarantee for the normal operation of visual recognition. Therefore, environmental factors are also the unstable factors of CCD visual inspection equipment, and the interference signal is an inevitable factor in the industrial production inspection site. It has a particularly serious impact on the power supply circuit of weak current devices such as industrial camera power supply circuit and network signal transmission power supply circuit. Therefore, when using CCD visual inspection equipment, it is necessary to select the appropriate environment.

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