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Test paper production equipment
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Main features:

1; PLC automatic control is adopted, which is easy to operate. Parameters such as cutting width and cutting speed can be directly set through man-machine interface

2; The wear-resistant high carbon steel heat-treated blade has a zero gap structure, which can effectively solve the rough edge, ensure the cutting quality, effectively prolong the service life of the blade and reduce noise, and basically do not need to change the blade all year round.

3; The unique adjustable limit guide rail is designed to easily fix materials of different widths, with a larger size of 100mm (other sizes need to be customized)

4; The elastic roller feeding design not only has the function of automatic feeding, but also can better protect the material. It can directly operate continuous strip cutting or single strip cutting on the control panel

3; technical parameter

1; With program control and accurate cutting, the fed material can be cut into corresponding width automatically and quickly.

2; Feeding length: unlimited length, continuous feeding and cutting

3; The cutting strip width can be adjusted and stored. The feeding width: ≤ 100 mm. The small cutting length is 1mm. The length is unlimited. It can be cut continuously

4; Setting digit of cutting width: 0.01 mm

5; The accuracy error of slitting is 5% of the width of slitting or ± 0.1 mm

6; The slitting speed can be adjusted freely, the speed is 280 pieces / min, and the speed is continuously adjustable

7; 58 ° angle blade: imported from Japan, wear-resistant high carbon steel material

8; The tension wheel is adjustable to meet the cutting requirements of materials with different thickness

9; The electrostatic removal rod, feeding wheel and collection device can be configured to facilitate the connection with other processes.

10) A variety of sensors can be configured: leading edge sensor, target sensor, etc., which can realize the accurate cutting at the accurate position after target recognition, especially suitable for the cutting of quantitative products, blood glucose test strips and biosensors.

11) Long × wide × Height: 430 (L) × 330(W) × 260(H) mm

12) Weight: 25kg

13) Power requirements: 220 V; 50Hz

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