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Can CCD visual inspection equipment replace quality inspectors?
Browse:2503 Time:2021-08-16
In the era of industrialization, users' requirements are higher and higher, and quality regulations and efficiency are more and more important. Many people are waiting to see whether traditional inspectors will be affected. The emergence of vision system equipment means the advent of the era of automation. Whether the visual system inspection machine can replace the work of quality inspectors, the answer is yes. Why?

Industrial manufacturing, large assembly lines, all walks of life, based on traditional industries, find inspectors to inspect product quality, specifications, defects, burrs, etc. This will cause some problems. The status of inspectors will hinder the quality of products. This will affect the performance of the product and increase the loss rate of the manufacturer. There are several aspects why the visual system inspection machine can replace the work of quality inspectors, mainly from the aspects of work efficiency, quality level, working time, product accuracy and so on.

Compared with the inspector, the visual system inspection machine has the following advantages:
1、The vision system detector adopts advanced equipment industrial lens and uses the vision system to detect products at high speed. The accuracy can reach 99.9%, and the quality is greatly improved.

2、The vision system tester will not have problems such as physical decline, fatigue and state decline. It is much more powerful than the tester. Therefore, the accuracy of the product is improved and the service life is long

3、Vision system detector can improve product quality, enhance the strength of manufacturers and reduce losses.

4、The visual system detector has high efficiency and can be comparable to multiple inspectors. In the long run, the visual system inspection machine will outperform the inspector.

  Therefore, many large enterprises began to choose visual inspection machines, hoping to solve this problem.

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