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CCD visual inspection equipment is convenient
Browse:1977 Time:2021-08-13
Integration scheme of machine vision defect on-line monitoring system: the system can carry out on-line quality inspection on various circular, annular and polygonal parts or various object surfaces on the production line, and automatically eliminate unqualified products in cooperation with mechanical control equipment.

Due to the development of the industry, image sorting equipment puts forward higher requirements for product size and appearance. If manual length detection is used, eye fatigue will lead to low product detection efficiency and low accuracy. Using optical sorting equipment instead of artificial vision can greatly improve manufacturing efficiency and detection accuracy and reduce labor cost.

Inspection content: surface inspection: stains, scratches, shallow pits, shallow tumors, edge defects, pattern defects, etc.

Dimensional inspection: inner ring diameter, outer ring diameter, eccentricity, height, thickness, etc.

System integration scheme: the detection equipment can automatically detect various defects on the object surface through the machine vision system, such as characters and distance, scratches, stains, the number of printed characters, errors, etc., automatic alarm, defect location display, defective product information recording, and automatic removal of defective products. The equipment has the purpose of automatic learning, and the detection process can be set according to customer requirements, The input of new product detection parameters is convenient and simple, which can be easily completed in a short time.

Working principle of CCD visual inspection system:

CCD vision detection system refers to converting the captured object into image signal through machine vision products (i.e. image capture equipment, divided into CMOS and CCD), transmitting it to a special image processing system, and converting it into image signal, distribution and brightness according to pixel points. Digital signal; The image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the object, and then controls the action of field equipment according to the discrimination results to expand visual detection, size detection, defect detection and system positioning.

The technical advantages of CCD visual inspection in quality inspection are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Improve the detection accuracy, unify the detection standards, and eliminate the individual differences of manual detection.

2. Improve the detection speed and complete the omni-directional real-time detection of products.

3. One time entry, the average cost is much lower than the labor cost.

4. The data can be summarized and analyzed to facilitate the front-end process to find problems and provide suggestions for subsequent processes.

CCD visual inspection system can adapt to different product specifications, complete the real-time online quality inspection of products, and can be extended to the inspection of wine bottles and other types of glass bottles, so that the end customer can be conveniently and flexibly applicable to various inspections.

Brief introduction of CCD visual inspection system for paper container

CCD visual inspection is an important branch of computer science. It integrates optics, machinery, electronics, computer software and hardware, and involves the fields of computer, image processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, signal processing, optical mechanical integration and so on.

The paper container appearance detection system is mainly used for defect detection of edible containers such as paper cups, paper bowls and paper trays. The appearance detection system mainly includes two independent detection subsystems, namely, the paper container mouth detection system and the paper container bottom inspection system.

Technical features of CCD visual inspection system for paper container:

1. The product quality is standardized, and the test results are reliable and stable. The optical image automatic sorting equipment comprehensively tests the products to ensure the quality requirements of customers. Optical sorting equipment can play a good reputation for potential large customers.

2. Fast detection speed, online monitoring speed ≥ 180 pieces / min, and can be detected for a long time.

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