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Application field of linear CCD detection equipment
Browse:1621 Time:2021-07-08

A linear camera is a camera that uses a linear image sensor. The linear image is given. Although it is also a two-dimensional image, it is very long, the length can reach several K, but the width is only a few pixels. Usually, this kind of camera is only used in two cases: first, the measured field of view is narrow and long strip, which is mostly used for rolling line detection, requiring large field of view or high precision.

Linear array camera features:

The special industrial camera has only one row of photosensitive elements, which can scan at high speed and continuously detect metal, plastic, paper, fiber and other areas with high resolution. Due to the uniform motion of the measured object, the image can be processed line by line or multiple frames.

Application fields of linear array camera:

It is mainly used for image processing in industry, medical treatment, scientific research, security and other fields. Typical applications are the detection of continuous materials, such as metals, plastics, paper and fibers. The detected object usually moves at a uniform speed, and one or more cameras are used to scan the object line by line to realize the uniform detection of the whole surface. It can process its image line by line or the image of a plane matrix composed of multiple lines. Due to the high resolution of the sensor, it can accurately measure to microns. Linear array camera is also an ideal choice for measurement applications.

Shenzhen pilot Manufacturing Automation Co., Ltd. has been going deep into the field of industrial CCD visual inspection equipment, adhering to the policy of "marketing consultant, directional research, fine production and lifelong service", providing customers with comprehensive visual inspection solutions, so as to achieve the long-term goal of "Replacing" machines and "intelligent factory" and help customers improve production efficiency and product quality.

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