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Function of porous plate automatic filling, sealing and labeling production line
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Function introduction of perforated plate automatic filling, sealing and labeling production line, This production line can realize material storage of perforated plate turnover truck - > automatic material supply - > automatic dust collection - > automatic positioning - > automatic filling - > automatic light detection of foreign matters - > automatic detection of filling volume - > automatic silicone oil injection - > automatic film sealing - > CCD detection of film sealing effect - > automatic marking and labeling - > CCD code reading and labeling effect detection - > automatic counting and discharging buffer - > automatic code disk packing and defective product removal at each station A series of actions such as storage make the filling, sealing and labeling process of this kind of products fully automated, improve production capacity and quality, and save labor.

Equipment parameters

Pump head: peristaltic pump & syringe pump (optional according to filling reagent type, filling volume and accuracy requirements)

Filling range: 200ul-2ml filling accuracy: ≤± 3% (peristaltic pump)

Filling range: 30ul-200ul filling deviation: ≤± 3% (syringe pump)

Number of filling heads: 2 groups of 16 channels per unit, up to 4 units can be expanded, 8 groups of 64 channels can be filled at the same time

Filling efficiency: 96 well plate 12-16pcs / min; 48 orifice plate 24-28pcs / min (the overall efficiency is affected by reagent type and filling volume)

Mechanical positioning accuracy: ± 0.1mm; Visual positioning accuracy: ± 0.1mm

Qualified rate of finished products: ≥ 99.8%; Equipment utilization rate: ≥ 90%; Labor: 2-3 persons

Air pressure: 0.6MPa (with adjustable air valve), vacuum negative pressure value greater than 65kpa

Power supply: AC380V 50 / 60Hz (Power: About 20kW)

External dimension of equipment body: about L * w * H = 12000mm * 2500mm * 2000mm (customizable)

Equipment weight: about 5000kg

Main material of the whole machine: 304 or 316 stainless steel

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