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Future and Prospect of industrial automation
Browse:1282 Time:2017-03-03

At present, China is in the middle of industrialization, which is closely related to the "five modernizations" of industrialization, informatization, modernization, marketization and internationalization. Informatization and its industrialization will have good development prospects. Enterprises should pay attention to the new needs of industrialization, integration, productive services, energy conservation and emission reduction proposed by the state, which may be new technological growth points, pay attention to the new trend of software technology, and may also need new thinking (intersection, foundation, intelligent space, etc.). With the promotion of automation technology, industry is developing in the direction of digitization, intelligence, networking and comprehensive integration, and manufacturing factories are constantly moving forward in the process of high integration and integration. In the future, as people's means of applying high-end automation technology become more and more mature, we can see more possibilities!

1、 Intelligent instrumentation in the control system, instrumentation as its constituent element, its technical progress is developed with the development of control system technology. At present, the control theory has developed to a new stage of intelligent control, and the intellectualization of automatic instruments has become inevitable. The intelligence of instruments and meters is mainly attributed to the development and application of microprocessor and artificial intelligence technology.

2、 The control system is networked. The control system in the 21st century will be a system combining network and control. The research on networked control system (NCS) has become one of the frontier topics in the field of automation. As the communication network is embedded into the control system as a system link, it greatly enriches the industrial control technology and means, and makes great changes in the architecture, control methods and man-machine cooperation methods of automation system and industrial control system. At the same time, it also brings some new problems, such as the coupling of control and communication, time delay Information scheduling method, distributed control mode and fault diagnosis, etc. With the emergence of these new problems, the control methods and algorithms of automatic control theory in the network environment need to be constantly innovated.

3、 Wireless industrial communication is also a hot issue in the field of automation. According to expert analysis, by 2013, the application of wireless communication system in global factory automation will increase by about 40% every year. Industrial control enterprises have gradually realized that wireless technology will be the basis for the next technology take-off, which will greatly improve the efficiency of factories and ensure the safety of users. With the increasing popularity of wireless technology, suppliers are providing a series of software and hardware technologies to help add communication functions to their products. The communication standards supported by these technologies include Bluetooth, Wi Fi, GPS (Global Positioning System), LTE (long term evolution) and WiMax (global microwave access interoperability).

4、 Internet of things and automation nowadays, the Internet of things is one of the terms with the highest appearance rate in major media and closely related to "intelligence". From the perspective of "management, control and intelligence", in fact, the Internet of things and industrial automation come down in one continuous line. Industrial automation includes acquisition, transmission, calculation and other links, while the Internet of things is comprehensive perception, reliable transmission and intelligent processing. The two are interlinked. The Internet of things only emphasizes wireless, massive interviews and intelligent computing. The Internet of things is closely related to automation technology. The difference between the two is: "the traditional automation network is mostly realized through wired network, and the network connection range is narrow, while in the sensor network, wireless network has become the main transmission path, and the connection range is more extensive." the nature of the same strain makes it natural for industrial automation manufacturers to seek opportunities for the development of the Internet of things.

5、 Cloud computing and automation cloud computing is the development of distributed processing, parallel processing and grid computing, or the commercial implementation of these computer science concepts. Its core is the storage and calculation of massive data, with special emphasis on the application of virtualization technology. In short, cloud computing is a supercomputing model based on the Internet, which connects huge resources and provides users with various IT services.

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