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Analysis on the development potential of automation equipment in the industry
Browse:1242 Time:2017-03-03

China's industrial operation and production enterprises are facing more and more challenges. Enterprises need to improve production efficiency, meet environmental requirements, and reduce operating costs in order to succeed in today's highly competitive global market. Intelligent production management system and automation technology can help enterprises meet these challenges and improve industrial performance. What are the advantages of automation instead of labor?

1. One machine is automatically equipped with one employee to operate loading and unloading, which can replace the production capacity of six film pasting workers, greatly improve the labor intensity, reduce the dependence on manual film pasting technology, and greatly improve the efficiency.

2. The automatic dividing machine covers an area of less than 1 square meter, which is conducive to the personnel management and maintenance of the manufacturer's dust-free workshop.

3. Automatic and mechanized operation can ensure the stability of film coating process and quality guarantee, and avoid the unstable quality of manual film coating.

4. The automation equipment adopts imported advanced important precision parts, which works stably and without vibration. It can ensure the high position accuracy of automatic film pasting and maintain high stable operation all day.

5. The automatic generation and distribution machine adopts imported PLC control, touch screen man-machine operation interface, simple and intuitive parameter setting, convenient and easy operation.

6. The automatic circuit board splitting machine can be put into operation at one time, and can be used for more than five years with correct operation and appropriate maintenance.

7. The automation equipment is produced and assembled with high-grade and high-demand spare parts of well-known brands such as Japan, Germany and Taiwan, based on saving human cost, management cost and plant cost for the film coating process operation of the factory. At the same time, it improves product production efficiency, greatly improves product quality, and then improves the market competitiveness of manufacturers in the industry.

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