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Simulation universalization networked modeling and Simulation Technology
Browse:1362 Time:2017-03-03

At present, the technical connotation and application mode of networked modeling and simulation are constantly expanding and enriching with the development of network technology. The rapid development of network technology and computing technology will lead us into the era of pervasive computing. Pervasive computing is to establish an information space composed of computing and communication, and integrate it with the physical space of people's life to form an intelligent space.

In this intelligent space, people can obtain computing and information services transparently anytime and anywhere. Networked modeling and simulation technology will develop in the direction of universality. The "pervasive simulation technology" integrating pervasive computing technology realizes the combination of information space and physical space, which will promote the research, development and application of modern modeling and simulation into a new era. Facing the future complex, heterogeneous and dynamic pervasive computing environment, pervasive simulation system has the following basic characteristics:

(1) Pervasiveness: simulation resources are ubiquitous. With the help of grid technology, simulation grid realizes the service of various software and hardware simulation resources in people's life, shields the complex and heterogeneous pervasive computing environment for users, makes simulation resources ubiquitous, and solves the problem of "Popularization".

(2) Anytime, anywhere: people can get simulation services at the scene of work and life without sitting in front of a special computer. Grid technology makes the terminal of simulation application extend to every corner of the network, completely getting rid of the constraints of time and space. People can access simulation resources and services in the grid environment by using any networked device, which meets the demand of "anytime, anywhere".

(3) Self adaptation: the simulation information space can provide continuous simulation services that can adapt to the changing computing environment in a way suitable for users; (4) Transparency: users do not need to pay much attention when obtaining simulation services. The access mode of simulation services is very natural and even unnoticed by users themselves, that is, the so-called implicit interaction. If the idea and technology of pervasive computing are introduced into the simulation grid, it can well meet the new requirements of the pervasive simulation environment for the mobility, adaptability, intelligence and application mode of the simulation grid, so that the simulation information space can provide adaptive simulation environment and coherent simulation services in a way suitable for users. Pervasive simulation grid technology, which integrates grid technology and pervasive computing technology, will become a new focus of networked modeling and simulation research and application.

To sum up, from the current development trend of popular automation technologies, we can see that automation innovation can be summarized in several words: integration, communication, collaboration, energy saving, security, standards and openness. With the birth of many new products and ideas. For many years, new automation has been the most direct force to promote the rapid development of manufacturing industry, and this force will inevitably carry the source power of "innovation".

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