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What are the characteristics of reagent filling equipment?
Browse:1418 Time:2021-07-08

Reagent filling machine not only greatly improves the filling speed, but also hopes to improve the filling quality. How to ensure the safety and health in the filling process has become a problem for each filling machine manufacturer. Now the development of reagent filling machinery is in direct contact with the development of all parts of materials, and the use of stainless steel and filling process to reduce a lot of labor participation. By operating the key of the whole filling process, our filling efficiency is also greatly improved. At the same time, it can also better enter the whole filling production line to make the whole filling machine contribute more. Warm you, me and him with high-quality reagent filling machinery.

2. Product features:

The equipment adopts gear drive and electronic speed regulating motor, which has stable operation, low noise and continuous speed regulation. The metering pump adopts the pump body of gcb4b filling machine in South China, which has won the national silver award. Compact structure, good sealing and durable. The filling volume is from 0.2-500ml, which can be realized by selecting a filling machine with appropriate specifications. The machine is very light and can be placed at will. The filling volume can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different users.

3. Application scope of in vitro diagnostic reagent packaging equipment:

For example, tubular liquid products such as agricultural R & D medium, chemical reagent, biological experiment amino acid chemical research reagent, hospital enzyme protein reagent, diagnostic reagent, health care products, physical antibiotic reagent, plant hormone reagent and nucleic acid reagent of scientific research institutions, carbohydrate reagent of pharmaceutical enterprises can use automatic diagnostic reagent filling machine as aseptic filling equipment.

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