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Logistics distribution of production line
Browse:3385 Time:2017-03-03

The one-stop operation of the production line makes the whole process of product development, design, manufacturing and sales standardized, scientific and institutionalized. It is an effective way for an enterprise to reduce operating costs and improve production efficiency. However, the characteristics of the production line determine that the logistics operation of the production line in the plant must obey the needs of service and production process, so the logistics of the production line has strong coordination, dynamics, distribution and balance. If there are logistics problems in the production line, it will inevitably affect the efficiency of the whole production line.

1. Contradictions in the production line

The efficient production characteristics of the production line and the inefficient and complicated logistics distribution have become a bottleneck restricting the smooth logistics in the plant. Enterprises are prone to the following problems in the process of logistics distribution on the production line:

(1) On the production line, the use method of logistics containers is not standardized, the packaging has not really realized standardization and standardization, and the stacking is still messy.

(2) Although the logistics on the production line can smoothly arrive on the production line, there is no JIT operation, and there is still a slight margin, resulting in an increase in the cumulative margin of materials, which still affects the distribution of subsequent materials, and the shutdown on the production line still occurs from time to time.

(3) Different types of products with large volume and heavy weight lead to low labor efficiency and decline in product assembly quality on the production line.

2. Causes of contradiction between production line and logistics distribution

(1) In terms of ideological understanding, due to the unclear understanding of the importance of "logistics distribution on the production line" in the factory. It is wrongly believed that standardization is limited to the standardization of containers, but does not reach the standardization of cognition, management and operation.

(2) The punctuality of delivery is discounted. Due to the influence of the inertial thinking of the distribution personnel, they believe that "distribution is to ensure that there are materials on the production line", "more points can be sent this time, and less points can be sent next time", but they do not consider the beat and dynamics of the production line, resulting in futility and increasing the burden on the line.

(3) Not enough grasp of the product. Different output and different types of products do not adopt different product layout according to the nature of their own production methods and technological processes.

(4) Due to its own defects, a single production line has high efficiency but no flexibility. Various types of products and frequent rotation lead to no heavy load on the line.

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