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There are only five entry points from made in China to made in China
Browse:3364 Time:2017-03-03

Intelligent manufacturing has gained great reputation with national strategies such as industry 4.0 and made in China 2025. Intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from the construction of various intelligent systems, from intelligent products to intelligent production lines, from intelligent logistics to intelligent services, from intelligent organizations to intelligent enterprises. Driven by demand and policy, China's intelligent manufacturing industry has entered a "trillion era".

In recent years, the "machine replacement" project has blossomed everywhere in China, "digital chemical plant" shows the strong charm of information manufacturing, and the "Internet factory" model gives people unlimited imagination. As the key technologies of intelligent manufacturing industry, industrial automation and digitization will play an important role in the new round of revolutionary development. Driven by both market and policy, China's intelligent manufacturing industry contains huge business opportunities.

Intelligent manufacturing promotes the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry

Compared with the cognitive ability and decision-making process of human brain, intelligent system has five obvious steps: state perception, real-time analysis, independent decision-making, accurate execution and learning improvement. These five obvious steps integrate all intelligent systems to the greatest extent and clearly draw a boundary, that is, intelligence not only comes from artificial intelligence in the information field, but also includes industrial intelligence and other types of intelligence in the industrial field.

Intelligent manufacturing needs to solve two problems: one is to fully meet the growing personalized needs of customers; Second, the complexity of the product itself, such as internal management and external supply chain coordination, the production process and use process are full of high uncertainty. Digitization, networking, knowledge and self-organization, as an important core of intelligent manufacturing, will promote profound changes in the manufacturing industry.

Digitization improves the functional flexibility of products or machines. The network disintegrates the limitations of time and space, and the information symmetry brought by it eliminates most intermediate links. Knowledge makes the industrial technology system extend from people to machines, and makes equipment and human knowledge perfectly unified in the digital world. Self organization breaks the original rigid enterprise boundary, greatly flattens the high wall barrier of knowledge, reduces the difficulty of knowledge transfer, and provides a new management support for flexible organization and group wisdom.

Grasp five points and cut into the path of Intelligent Manufacturing in China

The blue book made in China 2025 (2016) recently released by the national manufacturing power construction strategy advisory committee points out that there are still some problems in China's intelligent manufacturing industry, such as weak technological innovation ability, small industrial scale, small, scattered and weak industrial organization structure, and lack of bone stem enterprises with international competitiveness. However, the development of intelligent manufacturing industry has a strong market power, and how to make the intelligent manufacturing industry cut into the path of China requires the active thinking and cooperation of governments and enterprises at all levels.

Recently, at the Sino German CPS and Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, Li Yizhong, former Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, proposed that China should investigate the characteristics of Germany and the United States and promote it in combination with China's national conditions. He put forward a set of paths for the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China, and put forward five entry points.

The first point is digital R & D and design, focusing on the implementation of simulation, three-dimensional description, high-speed operation and big data information tools.

The second point is to embed electronic information technology into products to improve quality, function and added value. Especially key parts, components and new materials.

The third point is the NC of manufacturing equipment to promote the development of NC machine tools, robots and 3D printing.

The fourth point is the intelligent control of the manufacturing process, and the production process should be further improved from automation to intelligence. The fifth point is to establish a new set of manufacturing service procedures within the enterprise to make the manufacturing plant an intelligent factory.

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