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Industry dynamics
Function of blood glucose test paper large card press
Browse:1466 Time:2021-09-26

Function introduction of blood glucose test paper large card pressing machine. This equipment can realize the automatic pressing function of blood glucose test paper large card after fitting, which can better paste and discharge bubbles under the pressure of roller, so as to improve the product quality.

For products with different thickness and layers, different pressing force can be adjusted through the handle.

The equipment is equipped with automatic sensing function. When the test paper enters the working area of the equipment, the equipment starts automatically. When there is no paper card, it is in standby mode and the roller does not rotate.

Special rubber wheel, solid axle and hardened treatment, can bear greater pressing force.

It can automatically realize the forward and reverse rotation of the roller, and the roller speed can be adjusted.

Operation button control, no program setting, simple operation.

2. Workflow

Manual feeding of large calorie of blood glucose test paper - > automatic induction of feeding - > automatic feeding and pressing - > manual receiving

3. Equipment parameters

Worktable: it can press the blood sugar truck with width less than 600mm

Applicable thickness: within 0.1-2.5mm

Speed: up to 400mm per second, speed adjustable

Operation mode: key and knob mode

Pressure: 5-100kg adjustable

Mechanical dimension: About 1100mm * 800mm * 1200mm

Mechanical weight: about 80kg

Power supply: AC220V / 50 ~ 60Hz

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