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Industry dynamics
Automatic packaging and conveying line
Browse:1948 Time:2021-09-26

Automatic packaging and conveying line integrates the functions of automatic unpacking, automatic sealing and automatic packaging. Wide application range, small floor area, simple operation and stable performance. It can greatly reduce labor force, improve production efficiency and reduce production cost. It is selected by dozens of large well-known enterprises in China. At the same time, it can also carry out personalized design and manufacturing according to different packaging needs of customers.



Step 1: start with the full-automatic unpacking machine, open the box one by one, and seal the bottom of the carton;

Step 2: enter the I-shaped folding and sealing machine to automatically seal the I-shaped box one by one;

Step 3: after completing the I-shaped sealing, turn to the corner sealing machine for four corner sealing;

Step 4: after sealing the box, it will be packed automatically. So far, the packaging operation of this assembly line is completed. If automatic product packing is added between the first step and the second step, the packaging line will be able to fully realize unmanned and automatic from unpacking to packaging.

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