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Usage of reagent filling machine
Browse:2415 Time:2021-09-26
Reagent filling machine is an automatic quantitative liquid dispensing machine with electric, crank and piston structure design. This equipment is suitable for hospital preparation room, ampoules, eye drops, all kinds of oral liquids, shampoo and all kinds of water. It can also be used for quantitative continuous filling of all kinds of liquids in various chemical analysis tests. It is especially suitable for liquid distribution in large, medium and small pesticide plants. Different filling methods can be selected according to different characteristics of customers' materials and different requirements for packaging effect, such as peristaltic pump, plunger pump, ceramic pump, etc.

The main body of the reagent filling machine is made of 304 stainless steel, the material contact part is made of medical grade materials or 316L stainless steel, combined with aluminum alloy materials to form the whole machine, which meets the requirements of GMP. When the equipment is working, the filling nozzle can be filled up and down to prevent blistering or splashing of packaging materials. Modular design makes it easy and fast to replace products of different specifications.

Application method of diagnostic reagent filling machine
1、Put the plastic bottles to be filled into the bottle shaking machine, the bottles are sorted by the track of the shaking table, and the pipes rotate vertically into the rotary table mold of the main machine.
2、Put the glass bottle into the bottle feeding turntable. With the rotation of the turntable, the bottle will be automatically transferred to the bottle feeding conveyor belt.
3、The bottle detection sensor of the diagnostic reagent filling machine detects whether there are bottles in the station, and the detection signal is sent to the internal control system to control filling and bottle free filling.
4. If a bottle is detected before, the machine will start filling.
5. Lower the cover.
6. Press the cover tightly.
7、The product of the gland will take the initiative to leave the station.

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