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Operating instructions for reagent filling machine
Browse:2461 Time:2021-08-23
The previous article has briefly introduced the use of the diagnostic reagent filling machine. Here, I will give you an introduction to the operation instructions of the diagnostic reagent filling machine.

Diagnostic agent filling machine is generally electric and crank piston structure design, which is suitable for quantitative filling or liquid sub packaging. Moreover, the diagnostic agent filling machine can also select different filling methods according to the characteristics of materials, which can be said to be very convenient. The working process of the diagnostic agent filling machine is: push the bottle onto the filling valve, vacuum once or twice, back pressure operation, isobaric filling, liquid level correction and pressure relief. Finally, the bottle is lowered with the bottle tray and sent out of the filling machine.

Diagnostic reagent filling machine belongs to automatic equipment, which can effectively reduce manpower, reduce product production cost and facilitate management. Diagnostic reagent filling machine has many functional modules and perfect embedded solutions, which can meet the personalized needs of many users. When using the reagent filling machine, pay attention to whether the products produced are corrosive. During the production of corrosive products, specific materials shall be selected to make bottles to prevent irreversible damage or accidents.

The diagnostic reagent filling machine needs basic equipment maintenance, so as to improve the service life of the filling machine. In order to ensure that the filling machine is in good working condition, pay attention to corresponding maintenance. Before starting up, focus on checking whether there is a problem with the power supply of the charger, and whether the external insulation layer of the power supply is damaged and whether there is wire head falling off. Start running the equipment after confirmation. If the diagnostic reagent filling machine is not used for a long time, it should be coated with antirust oil and covered with cloth after a certain cleaning to seal it, so as to prevent impurities from being generated during the next use.

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