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"Strong core" plan helps China's semiconductor industry advance rapidly
Browse:3214 Time:2021-09-26

Moreover, in terms of industrial development, China's integrated circuit industry chain and industrial agglomeration area have also been formed and developed well. In the industrial chain, the integrated circuit industry has three links: upstream, middle and downstream. Among them, the upstream is the chip design link, and China has Hisilicon, Spreadtrum and other companies; Midstream is a manufacturing link, represented by SMIC and Zhenhua Technology; The downstream is the packaging and testing link. China has Changdian technology, Huatian technology, etc.

In terms of industrial clusters, China already has three integrated circuit industry clusters in the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Sea and the Pearl River Delta. The scale sales revenue of the integrated circuit industry in these three regions accounts for more than 90% of the whole industrial scale in China.

The Bohai Rim region focuses on chip research and development, with Beijing as the core; The Yangtze River Delta pays attention to chip manufacturing and sealing test, with Shanghai as the core; The Pearl River Delta region focuses on chip design, with Shenzhen as the core.

Overtaking at the bend: M & A / integration is a shortcut. Although China's integrated circuit market has made a counter attack in the past year, it still relies heavily on overseas chips, and the disadvantages such as small scale of local industry and no obvious core technology advantages still exist. Therefore, the further development of the industry needs to expand the scale and improve the technology.

The author believes that internal integration and external M & A are the "shortcut" to expand the scale and improve the core technology of the integrated circuit industry. These two phenomena will become the mainstream of industrial development in the future.

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