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Industry dynamics
What is a medical test reagent
Browse:2014 Time:2021-09-26

In recent years, with the continuous innovation of China's biomedical technology and the promotion of medical reform to the grass-roots medical market, the in vitro diagnostic reagent industry has shown a trend of growth, the health and medical needs of residents are also gradually increasing, and the in vitro diagnostic reagent industry has ushered in new development.

Medical testing reagents have always occupied a high proportion in medical reagents. As a medical reagent for scientific quantitative or qualitative detection of patients' physiological or pathological phenomena, medical testing reagents have long been well known. The novel coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit and new corona detection products are currently familiar with medical test reagents.

Medical testing reagents and related testing instruments are collectively referred to as in vitro diagnosis of medical devices, belonging to medical devices. Generally, medical examination reagents can be used alone or together with instruments, appliances, equipment or systems.

Medical testing reagent is a long-term development industry. After nearly three decades of development, diagnostic reagent has experienced several large-scale technical updates. Each upgrade has greatly changed the market situation of clinical diagnostic reagents. Medical testing reagent has always been one of the key industries supported in China. China's relevant departments have also issued a number of policies, which has promoted the development of in vitro diagnostic products such as in vitro diagnostic reagents, diagnostic instruments and diagnostic related enzyme preparations, and enhanced the competitiveness of domestic diagnostic reagent enterprises.

China's in vitro diagnostic enterprises started relatively late, so there is still a gap compared with international well-known diagnostic enterprises in terms of scale, strength, technical level and product quality. However, in the fields of biochemical diagnosis, medium and low-end immunodiagnosis, diagnostic equipment and diagnostic reagents have basically realized localization or achieved good results. Some domestic enterprises have considerable technology R & D capability and industrialization application foundation, and occupy a high market share in the medium and low-end market of in vitro diagnosis, such as secondary hospitals, grass-roots medical and health institutions, etc. It is believed that with the continuous development of national incentive policies and market, the development of China's medical testing agent industry will be better and better in the future.

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