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Industry dynamics
Pharmaceutical packaging automation equipment
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Intelligent drug sorting and automatic packaging equipment, in the final link of pharmaceutical production - packaging process, the comprehensive detection of tablets, pills, reagents, capsules and outer boxes is an important link. Product cracks, dirt, wear, foreign matters, packaging wrinkles, unclear identification and other minor defects, which will lead to drug recall and rising pharmaceutical costs.

Therefore, developing a series of overall solutions based on machine vision detection technology and intelligent packaging technology for customer products will help to improve the production efficiency and product quality of pharmaceutical enterprises and improve the intelligent production level of pharmaceutical factories.

Shenzhen pilot Intelligent Manufacturing Automation Co., Ltd. has been deeply engaged in the field of drug intelligent sorting and packaging, adheres to the policy of "consultant marketing, targeted R & D, fine production and lifelong service", and provides customers in the pharmaceutical field with all-round automation solutions, in order to achieve the long-term goals of "machine replacement" and "intelligent factory", and help customers improve production efficiency and product quality, Promote the transformation and upgrading of pharmaceutical enterprises.

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