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Industry dynamics
Automatic equipment for blood glucose test paper production
Browse:2300 Time:2021-09-26

1. Expected functions of automatic roll shear feeding single packaging machine for blood glucose test paper:

● cartridge type material storage, which can store about 350-400 pcs of strip cards at one time;

● automatic feeding and roll cutting, saving feeding labor and improving efficiency;

● optical fiber sensor or CCD visual alignment, motor automatic deviation correction and compensation to avoid slitting error caused by overprint error;

● CCD recheck, the equipment automatically removes the bad test strip, and the good test strip is automatically cached;

● automatic feeding of single test strip and automatic grasping and loading by manipulator; Automatic feeding of desiccant;

● automatic feeding, marking and heat sealing of composite membrane;

● automatic cutting, automatic edge cutting, automatic counting and discharging according to customer requirements,

2. Expected workflow

Blood glucose test strip storage - > automatic feeding - > optical fiber sensor or CCD detection of offset - > automatic correction - > feeding and hobbing - > CCD re inspection of red head and hobbing effect - > manipulator automatically eliminates defective products - > automatic cache of good product test strip - > manipulator grabs the test strip into the packaging machine track - > composite film feeding and marking - > automatic feeding and drying sheet - > automatic edge sealing - > automatic counting and cutting - > automatic output Material cache

3. Expected parameters of equipment

Hobbing accuracy: ± 0.02mm,

Visual positioning accuracy: ± 0.05mm

Beat: 200-350 PCS / min for single package (different models have different efficiency)

Product yield: ≥ 99.9% (normal loss of retained sample and red head removed)

Planting rate: ≥ 92%

Labor: 1-2 persons

Power supply: AC380V, 50 / 60Hz, power: About 1000kW

Overall dimension: about L * w * H = 6000mm * 1500mm * 2000mm

Equipment weight: about 5000kg

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