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Present situation and development trend of mechanical manufacturing technology
Browse:1423 Time:2017-03-03

With the development of economy, China's machinery manufacturing industry has been greatly improved, the technical reform and innovation, the product level has been greatly improved, and the popularity has also increased rapidly. However, there are few domestic product technology brands, and many products need to be imported from abroad. Although the domestic computer system and computer operation are realized, the technology is still far less than that of developed countries. Developed countries mostly adopt mechanical manufacturing automation. The application of various machines improves the accuracy and work efficiency in many aspects. It is in a weak position in the market competition. Developed countries mostly use fine, high-precision, micro, laser, nano and other technologies and cutting-edge processing methods in technology. However, China is in the development stage. Some high-tech values are relatively high, manufacturing technology is relatively backward, and technology renewal is slow, resulting in a large gap between China's language developed countries. High technology is also needed for high-tech jobs, so many technologies in China depend on imports. For mechanical manufacturing technology, it inherits the traditional design and manufacturing technology and continues to develop. One of its characteristics is to introduce new technical schemes into mechanical design and manufacturing. At the macro level, the development direction of mechanical manufacturing technology at this stage mainly involves two aspects: high automation and precision machining technology. The former refers to the in-depth development and optimization of agile manufacturing technology; The latter is the introduction of microelectronic technology and other advanced achievements in mechanical design and manufacturing. In general, the development trend of mechanical manufacturing technology at this stage can be summarized as follows:

2.1 virtualization

The introduction of virtualization technology in mechanical manufacturing and the rational application of computer simulation technology are also a key measure of product application quality. Based on the application of virtual technology and simulation technology, greatly improve the speed of product development and promote the continuous improvement of energy utilization.

2.2 greening

In terms of the development level of mechanical manufacturing technology at this stage, greening is also a focus. When embodying green, we should not only focus on the design, manufacturing, later use, maintenance and energy and resources conservation of mechanical products, but also focus on the level of ecological and environmental protection, and constantly promote the upgrading and development of green mechanical manufacturing. We should not only ensure the improvement of energy utilization efficiency, but also protect the ecological environment from the impact of mechanical manufacturing.

2.3 integration

With the continuous development of modern information technology and science and technology, the comprehensive competitive strength of enterprises has also been significantly improved. At the same time, the demand of enterprises in mechanical products is no longer consistent with the traditional demand. In this case, the diversified characteristics and individualization of products are more important. With the continuous change of the actual market demand, the traditional mass production mode has gradually lagged behind, while the individual and small batch production mode has a broader market. In this case, through the integration of manufacturing process and design, the enterprise realizes the rational control of production cycle in its production process, simplifies all kinds of cumbersome operation procedures, and controls the unreasonable consumption of production resources, so as to realize the effective control of production cost and the significant improvement of product quality.

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